puerto hondoChile. Governmental plans to create dams on two of the most pristine rivers in Chile have been given the go ahead. Local campaigners are actively opposing these development - see 'patagonia sin represas' for more.

Home to some of the most biodiverse areas in the world, the Neotropics stretches from Central America in the North, west to the Caribbean and the down to South America almost reaching the Antarctic at its southern tip.

Many networks and local community groups exist, often working closely with their wetlands as much for social benefits as for ecological benefits.

Please contact Felipe Velasco who is the representative for the Neotropics

Wetland Songs.

Bird paintingThe folowing link will take you to the Tigre Wetland, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our friend Sebastián Pisani who lived near Tigre created the songs you can find on this website.

This album is called “Canciones del Humedal” (or “Wetland Songs” in English) and it is composed of 27 songs that will transport you to the Tigre Wetland, to experience the fauna and flora we can find there and to imagine the local communities who live there…

We want to thank Sebastián for sharing his music with us!