EUROPE_osloAnatolia, Turkey. Plans for a myriad of hydro-electric dams in the Anatolia region of Turkey have met fierce opposition from locals, resulting in mass marches to protest against the environmental damage to these reiver systems, and the loss of access for local people. Check this link for more details, or use this letter to send to your Turkish Embassy.

From the mossy meadows of Qínnquata Marraa and Kuussuaq, Greenland to the Sultan salt marches of Turkey, Europe has a highly managed and densely populated mainland, stretching from the Atlantic shores in the west, to the Ural Mountains in the east.

Many NGOs and community groups have been actively involved in protecting wetlands for most of the 20th Century, and in many cases are integrated into decision-making on wetland management.

Contact Chris Rostron, WWT, UK, who is the WWN Europe representative.