rivers weirThis huge land mass runs from the Ural Mountains of Eastern Russia, down to the arid areas of the 4 Rivers WeirMiddle East, the mountainous Himalayas and Indian sub-continent, and across to China and Japan, and including the south eastern Asian countries and the myriad islands of Indonesia.

Recent local WWN work has taken place in South Korea, actively campaigning against the 4 Rivers project, a destructive river engineering project that started implementaiton in mid-2010. However, on the 24th August 2010, the CBD awarded Lee Myung-bak for his contributions to biodiversity, which has shocked us all. WWN is working with local partners to speak out against this award, and we have sent the CBD Secretariat this letter of concern in English (also available in Korean).

The regional WWN representative is Minoru Kashiwagi, working for the Ramsar Japan Network.