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Support the Korean Four Rivers restoration

Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 11:45 AM

The Korean Citizens’ Alliance for Re-natralizing Four Major Rivers is asking for help to promote restoration activities for the four major rivers. Currently, the Korean government is evaluating the Four Rivers Project and is planning a policy to restore naturalness of the rivers. In February, Korean government deliberated the proposal of the treatment plan to dismantle some of the dams in two of the four major rivers. The Korean government is also planning to evaluate the remaining dams of the other two rivers.

The 4 Rivers Project was launched by the former President Lee Myeong Bak 10 years ago despite oppositions of most Korean population. Through this project 18 large weirs and dams were built alongside massive dredging construction. After the Project was finished, serious environmental crisis come to reality in 4 major rivers; Wetlands and endangered species started to disappear. The bloom of toxic blue-green algae degrades water quality severely.

However, this policy is in trouble. The opposition party, which was promoting the four major rivers in the past, is strongly opposing the dismantling of dams. The plan to revive the environment of the rivers is being hampered by the interference of some political groups. The Korean NGO community would like to ask you for help to restore the four rivers. They ask your group to join in a joint statement for restoration of the Four Rivers. The support of the international NGOs will be very helpful for restoring the Four Rivers. Please consider as soon as possible whether your organisation can sign the appeal and send the confirmation of your organisation's signature hopefully  by 3rd of June. You can sign by clicking on this link.