Blue Globe Award - 2010

Blue Globe Case Studies

nakatsu1The WWN Blue Globe Awards serve to highlight cases of best practice in wetland management, eithnakatsu peopleer through good habitat and species management, involving local people, or demonstrating sustainable livelihoods based around the wetlands. WWN awarded 6 prizes globally, and each one demsonstrates useful lessons that can be learnt. Click on the case studies below for more details.

Europe - The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is a 500,000 ha site situated in Romania, and managed to allow sustainable tourism, at the same time as preserving a huge array of wetland wildlife.

Asia - The Nakatsu Tidal Flats have been supported by local community group the Nakatsu Waterfront Conservation Association to deliver partnership work between tourism, fishing groups and local people.

Africa - Lake Natron, a unique soda lake in Tanzania, support the breeding population of the lesser flamingo. Recently, proposals for a soda ash factory were turned down, leaving this precious habitat intact.

North America - The Marais Kergus is a small marshland that has been protected in perpetuity by its owners, who negotiated ownership of the mining rights. This will stop any future mining activities, an important lesson in long-term planning of wetlands sites.

FLAMINGOSNeotropics - Laguna de la Cocha is a site of great cultural importance to local people, and community organisations are working to engage local people in their management and protection.

Oceania - The Pambula Wetlands were given to a local community group, which now owns and manages the site, a great examples of local action taken to protect wetlands.

Flamingo image courtesy of James Warwick