4 rivers protestFor more information, please contact the Chair of WWN, Louise Duff, Conservation Volunteers, Australia

Africa, contact Maximin Djondo, BEES, Benin
, contact Kashiwagi, Minoru Japan Ramsar Network, Japan 
, contact Chris Rostron, WWT, UK
North America, contact Tim Grunewald, International Crane Foundation, US
Latin America and the Caribbean
, Patricio Guererro, Agrupación Defensa y Conservación Maule Mataquito / REDALES (Chile); Rafaela Nicola, Red Pantanal, Brazil; or Felipe Velasco, Colombia
, contact Louise Duff, Conservation Volunteers, Australia

For the full list of regional and sub-regional representive check WWN_Representatives_contact_list_2018.pdf and for detailed information on the members see WWN_Representatives_and_Sub-Regional_Representatives_.pdf