Every three years, to link with the Ramsar process, the WWN team creates a new strategic plan. In order to create a useful and usable document, we are asking our members to send us comments on the draft strategic plan for 2019-2021. If you have any questions, please contact the WWN deputy chair, ideally before the 31st of July.

In 2016 WWN worked with our members and colleagues to prepare a Strategic Plan for 2016-18. Thanks to support from ProNatura Foundation and Ramsar Network Japan, the comittee attended the Korea-Japan Forum / NGO Workshop on 29-30 October 2016 in Gifu, Japan, where we consulted with colleagues to complete the strategic direction. The WWN Strategic Plan was adopted in February 2017. It will guide our activities in the lead up and during Ramsar COP 13 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 21-29 October 2018. You can read the 2016-18 Strategic Plan here:  English  Spanish and French