About The World Wetland Network

WWN says thank you to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

After considerable years as an anchor and leader for the World Wetland Network (WWN), the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) has stepped down from the role of Chair.  The WWN Committee expresses sincere gratitude to WWT for their years of support that has enabled WWN to grow to the network it is today.The WWN is in a strong position and looks forward to the forthcoming Ramsar COP with optimism and appreciation.


Suncheon NGO meetThe World Wetland Network (WWN) is a global network of 500 wetland NGO’s initiated at the Suncheon NGO meet World NGO conference on the eve of the Ramsar COP10 meeting, November 2008, in Changwon, South Korea (see NGO declaration). It arose from the need for NGOs to maintain contact with each other at and between Ramsar meetings, but will also help with information exchange, sharing of best practice and lobbying on specific wetland issues. Previous Ramsar COPs also saw wetland NGOs working on this, and WWN is a direct result of their efforts. The WWN will also enable smaller NGOs to arrive at Ramsar COPs (Conferences of the Parties) well prepared for the meeting and more able to fully participate in the Ramsar meeting itself.

WWN committee 08The NGO’s present at the Ramsar COP met several times and agreed a Terms of Reference and a strategic plan for the WWN. A committee of members from each continent was identified in the Terms of WWN committee 08Reference. Chris Rostron, Head of WLI (Wetland Link International), was elected as chair along with representatives from each continental region. Since then, a yahoo chat group has been set with regular e-mail traffic, which is open to anyone to join. The committee meets over telephone conference regularly, see the minutes of the meetings below.

To join the WWN please the fill in the membership form and send it to WWN - if you are an NGO delivering wetland conservation work, then you should join!

If you have any resources, comments or news then please send them to the WWN Committee. You can find annual reports for WWN here: Annual report 2009; Annual report 2011; Annual report 2012