WWNWorld Wetland Network (WWN)

The World Wetland Network (WWN) is a global support network of for wetland NGO’s and civil society groups.  It was started at the World NGO conference on the eve of the Ramsar COP10 meeting in 2010.  Key objectives are to raise awareness of the role of local people in wetland conservation, and to support their active involvement and build their capacity to deliver effective wetland conservation.

WWN Globe Awards, Round III launched

We are pleased to announce the third round of the Wetland Globe Awards scheme, which aims to highlight good practice at wetland sites, as well as draw attention to wetlands under threat, see press release here.  Civil society groups spend a lot of time working with, living in and enjoying wetlands, and are often the groups that know these sites the best.  This scheme allows local people to nominate wetlands that they know for a Blue Globe Award (good practice) or Grey Globe Award (wetland under threat).

The awards have previously given groups a great tool to run campaigns, to get wetlands noticed by decision makers and governments, and to seek funding and support to protect wetlands.  The results will be announced at the Global Convention meeting of Ramsar in Uruguay in June 2015, and we hope that the winners will be able to attend to receive the award.  See our voting page for more.

Featured WWN work

Featured WWN work

WWN Africa Webinar was held on the 2nd July 2014.  For those that work to protect wetlands in Africa as part of civil society groups, the webinar was held in conjunction with the Ramsar Secretariat and hosted by Stetson University.  You can hear a recording of the webinar at this page