WWNWorld Wetland Network (WWN)

The World Wetland Network is a global network of Civil Society Groups & NGOs working on wetland conservation. We were set up at Ramsar COP10 in Changwon in 2008, and have been active at every Ramsar COP since then.  WWN helps NGOs to maintain contact with each other at and between Ramsar meetings, but also helps with information exchange, sharing of best practice and lobbying on specific wetland issues.

WWN enables smaller NGOs to arrive at Ramsar COPs (Conferences of the Parties) well prepared for the meeting and more able to fully participate in the Ramsar meeting itself.  To see our strategic plan 2016-18, please click here.

World Wetlands Survey 2017

Working with the Society of Wetlands Scientists (Ramsar section) and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, we are helping to coordinate a global survey of the state of wetlands, from the perspective of those that live, work or enjoy their local wetlands.  You are invited to take part, and you can find out more here.  The deadline is the 30th September 2017, and the results will be reported at the Ramsar COP13 next year in Dubai.

Renew your membership now!

We are updating our records at the moment, so please visit this link to update your details.  Or if you are a wetland NGO but are not a member yet, then please do join! Please share this information with colleagues or partner organizations working to protect wetlands that may be interested in joining the World Wetland Network too.