WWNWorld Wetland Network (WWN)

The World Wetland Network is a global network of Civil Society Groups & NGOs working on wetland conservation. We were set up at Ramsar COP10 in Changwon in 2008, and have been active at every Ramsar COP since then. We help NGOs to maintain contact with each other at and between Ramsar meetings, but also helps with information exchange, sharing of best practice and lobbying on specific wetland issues. 

See our current strategic plan, as adopted in 2019. 


Recess during pandemic

WWN is reducing activities during the coronavirus pandemic. We will reconvene in June 2020. The pandemic has also postponed the Africa Wetlands Forum. 


World Wetlands Survey

Working with the Society of Wetlands Scientists (Ramsar section) and the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, we delivered the Global Wetland Survey, with hundreds of responses from across the world, leading to an article in the journal Wetlands. A huge thanks to all those that took part! See our survey page.


Ramsar Conference of Parties, COP13, October 2018, Dubai

We had great influence at COP13: our NGO statement was delivered to the plenary, and we helped shape the closing session by supporting the Youth Engaged in Wetlands group to address the convention. In between we contirbuted to side-events the state of the world's wetlands thanks to citizen science; and the natural flow of water; plus a very popular booth that brought NGOs together, including two dozen new members of the network. 


Renew your membership now!

We are updating our records at this time, please visit this link to update your information. Or if you work, volunteer or support a wetland NGO but you are not yet a member, please join!